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Can Not Use Throw or Charged Throw with Pathocyst


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I was playing fine yesterday, approximately 20 hours ago.  When I log in today, I am unable to throw my Pathocyst thrown melee weapon.  


I've attempted:

-Equipping melee only

-Equipping no secondary weapon

-Using the melee in combo w/ secondary

-Switching to melee from primary weapon

-Switching to melee from secondary weapon

-Unequipping the stance mod


Holding 'E' and Double Tapping then Holding 'E' perform basic attacks.  Mouse3 does nothing.  

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2 hours ago, (PSN)iuvenilis said:

Checked your settings? Try resetting to default. 

I checked all of my keybinds, nothing has changed.  I played, it was fine.   PC shutdown, go to sleep, go to work, get back on.  Nobody touched my computer.  I've also tried a launcher restart to no avail.

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