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"Ability Not Ready" Spamming Helminth Thermal Sunder Animation Problem


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When i'm using Gauss, Thermal Sunder can be spammed even when animation is still playing.

Holding 3 when Gauss is still casting Cold Thermal Sunder will make him cast Heat Thermal Sunder AFTER Cold Thermal Sunder animation is finished. (assuming press/hold button is in default settings)


HOWEVER, the rule doesn't apply on Subsumed Thermal Sunder.

When you try to do the same (Press/Hold button when skill animation is ongoing), you ended up with "ABILITY NOT READY" message on the lower right. Casting animation chain breaks, ruining the immersion of gameplay.

Of course, the only way to mitigate this is to equip Natural Talent, but that solution is a waste of mod slot.


I think this is not intentional and need to be fixed.

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