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Khora Urushu skin : feet model problem


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Gentlemen of the Tenno community and DE .


after a long grind in space i noticed something off when i gazed upon the beautiful skin named: Khora Urushu, the feet.. THE FEET!, The moment I discovered this grave error in modeling i was sickened since now it draws my attention when ever i pick khora for a ride, now hear me out I'm not a feet guy but i am a perfectionist when it comes to modeling, i despise clipping but this takes the cake of the year.    so the problem at hand is when you equipe the skin with the added special animation the ankle of the foot BECOMES A HEEL, this happens with the noble animation and the agile animation, i don't know how this happens, only when i use other animation sets like umbra excal. it becomes as it should be. it is by my surprised this hasn't been noticed before(by my searching) or fixed by DE.

not to make fun of DE or anything but this is kinda strange for group of dev's that can make great content, and i really like the skin its a great piece of art to go around space killing deformed clones in heavy armor, but this is infuriating to see this happen to the model.


i hope this gets fixed soon or so since its really a shame to stand here with this ankle that is trying to be a heel, and dont come to me as say "just look over it" I HAVE SEEN IT NOW AFTER A LONG TIME OF OWNING THE SKIN AND I CANT UNSEE IT NOW!


so pls fix, i beg u DE. 

Yours truly Tizon1,


sum of problem,

equipe the Khora Urushu skin on khora,

equipe khora urushu Noble/Agile animation set on warframe,

Gaze upon the feet/shoes that she is wearing. 

Note: this only happens then she is standing still or playing the idle animation, not when walking, sliding, bullet jumping or standing still when the operator is out.



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Good day fellows,


I hope this comment finds you well. 

I'd like to confirm that this is, in fact, true. I might be a high heel kinda gal myself, but these ones are not a good fashion choice. 

I thought at first it was the new Gara Prime ephemera bug, but I have, with utter horror might I add, discovered that it is, in fact, a bug of the whole animation. I have been using the normal Khora noble animation ever since. As a Khora main who loves the Urushu animation, it has been a very difficult journey, I'm sure you can imagine.

You see, I am usually not one to report bugs, but her choice of shoes is not very easy on the eyes. 

If necessary, I will start a GoFundMe for a new pair of heelless heels for her. Just please have some mercy on all of us who can't unsee it now. 


Very truly yours,






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