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Solo | Warframe Captain |


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Name : Solo

Gender : Male

Description : He is a figure known throughout the origin system, both from warframes and from any other race in existence. Respected even by the most rebellious of warframes, Solo is directly connected to his ship orbiting in the space around his location, from which he can request support at any time, in various forms.

Role : Buffer/support


Hp : 100 (rank 30 : 300)

Shields : 200 (rank 30 : 600)

Energy : 150 (Rank 30 : 250)

Armor : 300

Speed : 1.10

Passive : Your presence on the battlefield encourages allies, allowing them to withstand more damage and move faster.


Damage reduction : 25%

Bonus movement speed : 25%

Ability 1 Bombarding directive

Order a carpet bombing in a rectangular area in front of you, which will come instantly, dealing heavy damage to enemies, and knocking them down.


Cost : 25

Range : 20 x 4 meters

Damage : 1.500

Bombs : 10

Bomb explosion radius : 6.0 meters

Augument : The explosions release a napalm blanket that deals 200 damage per second for 12 seconds within the blast radius.

Ability 2 Come on soldiers

Encourage your teammates, allowing them to deal more damage and take less. Using the ability by targeting an ally to land will cause it to immediately rise again.


Cost : 50

Duration : 20 seconds

Damage bonus : 150%

Damage reduction : 50% (Can be increased up to 90%)

Augument : As long as the ability is active, the affected ally gains 5% life steal with their weapons.

Ability 3 Support directive

Tap : Switch between the supporting beacons you can request.

Hold : Request a semi-permanent support beacon.


Cost : 50

Duration : unlimited

Only 4 beacons can be active at the same time

By holding down the interaction button for 2 seconds near a beacon, you can send it back, recovering 30% of the energy spent

The beacon inflicts a lot of damage when it hits the ground.

Damage : 4.000

Damage radius : 3 meters (unaffected by mods)

Recon beacon : This beacon emits pulses every 5 seconds that scans enemies, guaranteeing increased damage and critical damage against scanned enemies, as well as allowing them to be seen through walls. By interacting with the beacon, it can be loaded with codex scanners, so that the collected data are also redirected to the codex.


Impulse radius : 25 meters

Damage bonus vs scanned enemies : 200%

Critical damage bonus vs scanned enemies : +100%

Can be loaded with maximum 50 codex scanners | consume 1 scanner each enemy scanned | works with the scannets obtainable from Simaris

Shocking beacon : This beacon emits electrical impulses that can paralyze enemies for a few seconds, deactivating shields. Paralysis lasts much longer on robotic enemies.


Shock impulse radius : 25 meters

Stun duration : 2 seconds (x2 for robotic units | :2 for bosses)

1 impulse each 5 seconds (increase with more duration)

Shield deactivation duration : 5 seconds

Bunker beacon : This beacon allows you to create a strong barrier around each ally, which absorbs all types of damage, and is located above the shields. The barrier makes you immune to status, and can be regenerated when within beacon range.


Effect radius : 5 meters

Max barrier : 2.000 (increase with warframer armor, your armor and ability strenght)

Barrier charge speed : 250/s

Resupply beacon : When in the beacon area, both ammo and energy are regenerated. Energy regeneration also takes effect in the case of active channeled abilities, but in this case the effect is halved.


Effect radius : 5 meters

Ammo regeneration speed : 15% magazine + 5% max ammo/s

Energy regeneration speed : 4 energy/s

Ability 4 Stand with me

Generates a damage reduction aura, which increases its power for each enemy killed, but decays over time. Damage reduction is increased by kills made by any ally within the aura, and can go up to 100% damage reduction. When the damage reduction has exceeded 75%, allies cannot drop below 15% max HP, but this effect does not apply to you.


Cost : 100 energy

Aura radius : 20 meters

Initial damage reduction : 33% (cannot be increased/decreased)

Bonus damage reduction/kill : +1.5% (+0.5 each ally inside the aura)

Damage reduction decay speed : 3%/s (+1 each ally inside the aura) | It begins to decay after no enemies have been killed for 4 seconds.

Max damage reduction : 101%

The maximum damage reduction can only remain for 5 seconds, after which the damage reduction automatically and irreversibly drops to 70%, and it cannot return to the maximum for 10 seconds, but the new limit will be 95%.

Augument : For 1% damage reduction, all allies (including you) gain 3.5% damage increase.


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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