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Translation Oversight - Dog Days Event in Portuguese

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Dear DE,

I (and assumedly any portuguese-speaking players) have noticed a translation oversight during the Dog Days matches. The translation error comes from the word "Encharcado", which I presume was translated from "Soaked". Whenever a player or enemy is killed in the event, the message "PlayerX ENCHARCADO EnemyX" appears on the bottom of the UI; however, that sentence makes no sense in portuguese. You see, 'soaked' in english can be used either in the context of something being covered in water, or as the past tense of the verb 'soak', and both instances are written in the same manner. In portuguese, those two meanings are different words: 'Encharcado' means covered in water, and 'Encharcou' is the past tense of 'Encharcar', which means 'to soak'. Therefore, the correct translation for "PlayerX SOAKED EnemyX" would be "PlayerX ENCHARCOU EnemyX", as opposed to "PlayerX ENCHARCADO EnemyX". You will find the link to a screenshot of the event's portuguese UI attached at the end of this post. 


TL,DR: Portuguese UI in Dog Days should say "PlayerX ENCHARCOU EnemyX", and not "PlayerX ENCHARCADO EnemyX".





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