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Love the visual upgrades you've given Plains of Eidolon


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I'm returning after.. nearly a year? Maybe a little more, I'm not sure. 


I love the overhaul in nature you've given PoE. Like how you guys added new trees, and put some types of trees near ponds or by the lake, and others near mountains, and kept some valleys without trees. The butterflies by the grass and the different colors of flowers/grass/weeds is also lovely. 

It's all very beautiful.



I also love the Deimos open world, and all the new infested enemies we get to fight. You guys seriously out-did yourselves there. I hate and am terrified of centipedes, so it actually gives me a skin-crawl sensation (Inna good way) whenever I fight infested there because there's a few enemies that resemble insects similar to centipedes. Other ones that look like something out of Lovecraft. 

It's so f-wording awesome.


Edit: I don't have any thoughts on the family yet, because I haven't finished the story segment for Deimos. Though I was certainly surprised to still see some reamnants of orokin still there, and infested on top of that--though it does make sense.

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This might not be related to art & animation, but I didn't see a sub-thread dedicated to enemies. 


About the new infested enemies, I really appreciate how you guys made them more interesting to fight. 


Some crawl on the ceiling and spew goop from places we might not see. A lot of new infested enemies have mouths in weird places that looks cool, but also serve as a weak spot, otherwise they're difficult to kill. (I'm glad you used the weak-spot idea on more enemies aside from lephantis and juggernaut)


It's seriously super fun to go there.  (Edit: even if it's a bit confusing/disorienting/scary... But those are good things, because they added to the "scary infestation" mood)

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