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Strun Wraith Bug


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You test it by the amount of numbers that pop off things when you shoot them. I'd recommend high level infested, that way you can see all the damage numbers and they won't die as fast. With multi shot mods, you shoot an extra bullet, so you see an extra damage number

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i test it again is bug,6 pellets only can anyone else confirm this

there is a cap to the number of projectile impacts that may appear at any given time. it's actually quite low.


Multishot projectiles also can sometimes (or more than sometimes) follow the same path as the original projectile(s), therefore you do not see the extras.


honestly, just check SWraith against some enemies, and if kills it in 1/2 shots, then the gun is still operating just fine. 

it would be opinionated, certainly, but unless you suddenly find the weapon to be doing a LOT less damage than it has in the past, you can assume all of the pellets are being fired.


you can also record a bunch of shots, and stepframe to read all of the numbers, to see if it's the correct amount of numbers.


but if there were pellets missing, you'd notice a lack of killing power, right? seems easier.

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