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Fix Keyboard and Mouse on PS4/5


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Keyboard and Mouse still does not work properly. When I load the game and it goes through checking for updated, I am presented with the Start up screen where it states Press X to Continue. If I am using a Keyboard and Mouse, I don't want to press X to continue, but instead want to press a button on keyboard to continue, but I have pressed every button on the Keyboard and nothing works. In a lot of menus, there is no button for Square. On the gear wheel, I press Q to bring it up, but now what; that is all I can do, because I sure enough don't have an option to select anything. When I press T to bring up chat, I then have to find my controller to press Square, now I'm dead, because my controller was in the refrigerator. I mean I did need a snack after I had to press X to get passed the start up screen. When I am to press R3, the scroll wheel doesn't do anything for me, if that is even what it is supposed to be. So many games, now support full use of Keyboard and Mouse, so why do you not? Please take time to fix this. I promise you would see a lot of happy people. I am not even asking for button binding, just fix the issues that are there.

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