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NEW DPS ESTIMATOR FOR DAMAGE 3.0 [Updated for 30.5]


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Hello everyone! I took a break from Warframe for about 3 years and now I'm back! With my return, I discovered not only a ton of new content added to the game but also an overhaul of the whole damage system. This rendered my old DPS (damage per second) calculator obsolete. I enjoy moving stats around to optimize my weapons (and to see how it affects the weapon's output), and so I've created a new DPS estimator for Damage 3.0 in an Excel spreadsheet. I hope you find it useful or at least enjoyable. 

I recommend you use this DPS estimator only for optimization, as one piece of the "doing damage" puzzle. Try out a bunch of different mod bonuses and see if you can maximize DPS. Then, if you have it unlocked, go to the Simulacrum and test out different mod variations on actual enemies within the simulator. Don't worry about lowering DPS here. What you're looking for are combinations that take out your enemies quickly and with ease. I recommend practicing on very high level enemies. My go-to enemy for testing is a group of 5 Corrupted Bombards because they are some of the toughest rank-and-file baddies in the game. Consider mods that have or enhance status effects and see how they affect damage dealing. Once I've identified the mods that have the greatest impact, I often go back to the DPS spreadsheet, add those mods, and then optimize for DPS by trying out different variations of mods and mod configurations, while keeping the mods I've previously identified as having the most impact. In most cases, I end up reducing DPS in favor of other mods that actually help me kill faster or take less damage in combat. I guess what I'm trying to say is that maximizing DPS is a good starting point, but usually not where you'll want to end up.     

This Excel spread sheet has the capability to calculate damage output for both ranged and melee weapons, it has the ability to compare 2 weapons or builds side by side,  and calculates for various damage effects from important mods such as Blood Rush and Condition Overload. It also offers useful information such as the proc chance of status effects, probable number of hits needed to apply multiple status effects, and a Weeping Wounds status chance calculator.

It's a protected Excel file only to help prevent accidentally deleting formulas, etc. There's no password, so if you'd like to improve it, feel free and please share.  

There are other tools to calculate DPS that already exist. Notably, the excellent Warframe Builder (warframe-builder.com) and Overframe (overframe.gg). These are graphically-based tools and allow you to drag and drop mods into weapons which might be easier for some. For me, I enjoy the ability to manipulate stats directly and find a spreadsheet fast and easy. 

Anyway, here's the link to the file. Right click and save...

DPS Estimator v3.2

Check back every now and then to see if there is an updated DPS Estimator.

[UPDATE: Version 3.2 - added the "charge" attribute for ranged weapons. 

[UPDATE: Version 3.1 includes changes made to Blood Rush and Condition Overload mods in Warframe Update 30.5]



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