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corvas archgun vs profit taker



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Well , the stats for one.

Considering one is a crit based (40% CC and 3x CD on max charge) shotgun of 11 pellets with 50 damage (all impact) 

And the other is a hybrid assault rifle (28%cc 2.4x CD) with damage split between IPS,

If they both have the same mod setup , the corvas is capable of higher per trigger damage if within falloff range. But will do less damage if target is too far. Multishot works better on it as well cause pellet calculation. The low status doesn't matter as the orb mother is status immune.

And If you have a riven , the difference becomes much more noticeable as the corvas has better disposition.

Add a frame /arcane buff to add damage or crit and you can see even more damage.

For these reasons Its great for single target damage.

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6 hours ago, (PSN)dracoromanov112 said:

what makes the corvas 1-2 shot the profit takers legs compared 2 100-200 rounds on the vandal.

Did they have outside buffs? Otherwise it's just a really good boss gun, and IMO the best if you don't have outside buffs (or you have crappy hardware). If you do have a buffer frame, then just stick to the Mausolon.

For your build you need Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel and then two of Critical focus, a riven, Automatic trigger, or Sabot Rounds.

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I've used the Corvas for the Profit Taker for a pretty long time, but had to realize that despite it being able to oneshot each leg, that missing shots and targetting legs that got destroyed by another player moments before, made it a fairly mediocre choice of an archgun for the fight.

I used the Imperator Vandal for ages, but you should just get a Mausolon instead.


The Mausolon can easily take out all 4 legs in 1-2 secconds and the Orb itself in 0.5, you don't even need a Riven for that!

For the Mauslon, use the same build you have now for your Corvas, but add  Automatic Trigger and Critical Focus (you will get it eventually when you keep fighting the Profit Taker, it is just a tiny bit slower without it), ditch Resolute Focus as soon as you have CF.


If you really want to stick to the Corvas, add Shell Rush instead of Automatic Trigger and replace Resolute Focus with Critical Focus as soon as the Profit Taker drops it.


Obviously you want to play Chroma for his double credit ability on the profit taker, he will add a ton of damage to all your guns.

Ignore any Saryn builds unless you have a Chroma buddy to run with or all you care about is producing a nice speedrun video.

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