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game crashing after clicking play from client


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I'm facing an annoying issue, when I click play from the client window the game doesn't load and a little window pop up to report the error to the support but nothing happening after this.

there was no update or anything changed to cause this issue at my end.

this issue appeared at the date of 7/6/2021.

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Hi everyone! Corey from the Community team here. Thanks for reporting and sorry for the disruption. 

I just created a PSA thread here that essentially states that Epic Games and DE are aware of the issue, and that Epic Games is working on a fix. I will update both my thread and this thread once we have confirmation that the fix is live! 

As many of you have pointed out already, a current work around is to run the game in windowed mode rather than full screen. You can disable full screen mode from within the launcher. 


UPDATE: as of 6:00 PM EST he fix is now live via the Epic Games Store. Please fully close your Epic Games Store Launcher then reopen to resolve the issue. 

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