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Weird Cat Thing


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Grineers have bought this rock.

There's another faction beside Corpus, Grineer, Tenno and Infested.



They are the neutral faction that has emerged after the battle between Alad V and Ruk.


One Corpus Crewman felt in love with a Heavy Gunner, they decided to mask themselves and sell each other products.

Grineers using Flux Rifle and corpus with Ignis... but selling weapons wasn't enough, they decided to start selling everything! Now the Grineers have Shield Ospreys while the Corpus can use Grineer armor. But... you see... it was getting bigger and bigger...

Now we will have Corpeer mounting domesticated chargers while using a Miter that fires rockets and fire!


The Cattus is now the most powerful faction, having the money to buy the whole galaxy, they decided to buy the silence and the prototypes back..

But you still can see their symbols now and then...

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Ahh yes...


Mew Prime, The artistic represenation of the originators of the Technocyte plague; also known as "Cat Scratch Fever".


Other examples of their handiwork is the complete lack of furniture with upholstery... They clawed it all to oblivion.


Those orbs you people constantly pick up? Well, orbs is just another term for balls... Hairballs, in fact.

The effect it has on your frames is merely programming into your systems to ensure that you keep picking them up.

That way,  they can feel free to gack more out whenever they please.

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