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Forma relic reward

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2 minutes ago, (PSN)manicmartz61 said:

Haha yeah you know that. I'm thinking maybe it's time for another MR fodder weapon or weapons to fill those uncommon slots. I dunno, just throwing a few ideas out there on slightly improving relic runs rewards. Like I said originally, uncommon forma kinda feels like a booby prize.

It is just a placeholder item. They need some stuff to dillute  the tables to reduce the chances of relevant things dropping. So don't expect anything noteworthy to replace forma. IF they take it out, you'll get 150 endo or 2500 credits or some other redundant thing in it's place.

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Or a red ayatan star, like in the requiem relics... thats always a super nice thing to get out of a relic... Almost ragequit-worthy.

1 uncommon forma is kinda weird too. Should be 2 or 3 formas, considering that from common to uncommon, the ducat value jumps from 15 to 45 (3x value)

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