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Crosshair/reticule Customization.


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Since the warframe's apparently have an in-built targeting module, I would like to customize the hell out of this fancy gadget or see some signs to it. Oh and I'd like to change my reticule/crosshair to a more comfortable one, but that's probably asking for too much. 


If not, make it a mod that grants bonuses to some aspect of your frame whenever eye-contact is held for a while. 

Most basic example: 

'Mod' Increases damage dealt to one target when said target is kept in sights, increases the amount of damage the longer the target is kept in sight.


I could see this being useless on lower levels though. 

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I would love that too! But you know what I'd much rather want sooner? For everything that's broken to be fixed first <3




I'm assuming that this is a response to the earlier thread about how any of the sniper rifles don't have "true" scopes. While I agree with this, I'd much rather make it so that sniping is something that is viable first and not just a generic point and shoot and dead, such as more damage the longer you zoom in and what not. 

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