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Hound Pets?


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idk if someone has already thought of this idea before (or if it will be in the game). But wouldn't it be cool if when Corpus Queenpins are added, if sometimes when you kill one, instead of a weapon you get their hound as a robotic companion? Maybe they also give their weapon, or the hound is just a reward for converting them?

Obviously each hound pet would have the helmet of the frame you generated the Queenpin with, and maybe each Hound could have a set of unique precept mods for each element of Lich/Queenpin there is, and then you can mix-and-match mods on any hound after obtaining them? Also having the elemental bonus that a weapon would, and of course their Queenpin's name, eg: X's Heat Hound.
Some precept ideas below, mostly based on Warframe abilities of that element to fit the theming of Kuva lich (and maybe Queenpin) abilities:
(Also if you could let me know how these sound, that would be great)

Hound Stomp - Hound stomps their front feet, lifting enemies in a 10-20 meter radius into the air for 5 seconds. (Rhino Stomp)
Death Defiance - Upon first death, Hound self-revives with one stat doubled until they are put into a bleed-out state, and will be invincible for 10 seconds. (Wukong Passive)

Blazing Aura - Hound generates a field around it that deals AoE damage to nearby enemies, the damage type depending on the element of the hound (including Impact). (Elemental Ward)
Burst Turret - Hound summons a small turret that blasts at nearby enemies for a short period of time, dealing heat damage with each shot. (Blaze Artillery)

Flash Freeze - Hound freezes all enemies within a 5-20 meter radius around itself before dealing large damage by ramming all the enemies. (Avalanche)
Healing Boon - Hound refills the health of itself and all allies within a 20-30 meter radius for 25-90% of their max health. (Blessing)

Short-Circuit - Hound twitches in place before releasing a wave of electricity, dealing large electric damage to enemies in a 15-30 meter radius, but also dealing 5% of its max health as damage to itself which slowly restores over time. (Discharge)
Blinding Howl - Hound howls loudly, staggering and blinding enemies in a 20-40 meter radius. (Radial Blind)

Poisoned Claws - Hound surrounds its claws in a deadly toxin, dealing an additional 10-25% of its max damage in the form of Toxin damage. (Toxic Lash).
Snaring Wire - Hound traps a nearby enemy in a large coil of barbed wire, dealing low damage over time while the enemy is trapped for 3-10 seconds. (Ensnare)

Snatch - Hound steals the guns of enemies in a 5-10 meter radius around itself, these guns will float around the Hound and shoot at enemies in a cone infront of them for 5-15 seconds. (Grasp of Lohk)
Artillery Barrage - Hound marks an area infront of it as orbital lasers rain down in that area, dealing medium magnetic damage to enemies hit. (Tempest Barrage)

Juggernaut Rage - A passive effect, adding a damage buff to hound depending on the amount of damage they have taken, allies within a 5-15 meter radius of the Hound will also receive this buff. (Death's Gate - Garuda's passive)
Treacherous Ally - Hound 'convinces' a nearby enemy to turn on their teammates for 15-45 seconds, the convinced enemy registering as an ally for the duration of the ability. (Mind Control)

Numbers are all temporary as I'm not very good at numbers for Warframe.

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Just now, Loza03 said:

I'm pretty sure they confirmed that we'd be getting the hound too?

I haven't been able to watch any devstreams, but none of the recent overviews have mentioned about getting the hounds as our own pets. But if they did then that's pretty cool and exciting.

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