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Dog Days hotfix broke Server-Client Timer Synch

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So I noticed this happened yesterday after the Dog Days hotfix went out. The Server side timers aren't synching with the Client side timers when the Nintendo Switch goes into sleep mode. None of the various timers are correct after waking up the Switch, and you must restart the game to get them to synch up. For example those attached to missions, like the Sorties, the Void Fissure Missions etc. Other things affected include the Foundry timers, the Resource Extractor timers. It might be because I'm switching between Solo mode and Public mode, but I'm not sure. This may also be affecting the matchmaking, as I have experienced very long matchmaking times after I wake up the console from sleep. 

Just so it's understood the timers still work, they just aren't synching up on the client side after the console wakes up for sleep. For example I started my resource extractors last night at 9 then went to bed myself and when I woke up in the morning at 7 and woke up the console I still had 7 hours and 59 minutes to go on my extractor. I restarted my game, and the timers were done once I got back into the game.

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