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Railjack Void Storms Excessively High and Unavoidable Damage


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During Railjack Void Storm missions, a vast number of these extremely high damage-dealing void balls/rifts things spawn randomly throughout the mission. These things deal WAY too much damage; enough to one-shot a Nidus.

Sure, shooting these balls destroys them and keeps them from damaging you, but when they spawn 20 around you and for every one you destroy, two more take its place half a second later, you're going to die (not to mention, while also being shot at by powerful enemies). The only other option is to bring a powerful tank, such at Inaros, but I don't want to be forced to use only one frame to play a specific mission-type. If someone were to play solo (forced or willing) and bring a non-tank frame without a specific mod/weapon/sentinel setup, they're going to fail the mission, almost guaranteed.

These void balls need to be severely nerfed. I'm going through each Void Storm mission, burning through at least 3 lives (without the help of other players) solely from these void balls melting my health and being a massive distraction from other threats. The sheer amount that spawn and damage they do is far too excessive.


P.S. - Some people are probably gonna comment, "just use Inaros or Limbo, then"; but that's besides the point. When ya get to where I am, playing a single frame and/or weapon will bore the living sht out of me. I don't use one frame with one weapon for everything because it makes the game easier (such as using Ivara for Spy missions or Limbo for Defence mission or using an Ignis for Extermination missions). I have a (maybe) unique play-style where each of my frames has their own unique loadout. Very rarely will I use a single weapon on multiple frames. Almost all of my frames have completely different weapon loadouts and they're almost never changed. So, I'm not going to use a specific frame for a specific mission-type, because doing so bores me faster than failing the mission repeatedly.

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