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Use Warframe Wayback Data to Fix Kitgun Profile Usage Stats


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The in-game profile stats for usage, xp, kills, etc... could use a correction due to the following problem:

Kitguns "double-dip" their stats due to being both primary and secondary. I have used a secondary Rattleguts kitgun a lot, and it's my most used secondary weapon. When primary kitguns were released, Rattleguts immediately jumped to the top of my primary usage stats, even though I've barely used it as a primary weapon! It's stats on xp, kills, assists, accuracy, etc... are also just copied & pasted from the secondary one.

This should be quite easy to fix, since Warframe Wayback seems to use the correct data (although it's quite funny to see Wayback totally disagreeing with my in-game profile).


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This is still ongoing. My Sporelacer secondary is stuck at 1.8% usage for weeks now even though I use it daily and earned many kills/XP. It's also increasing in primary usage stat despite me not using my primary Sporelacer.

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