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Corpus RJ - Volatile


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I freaking love RJ Voidstorms.  On corpus side the RJ part of the battle could be a little more intense.   I head to the loot dungeon and then to the corpus galleon and do whatever it takes to unlock the galleon and thats basically it for the RJ side...  It needs the kill X fighters / Y crews  objectives like grineer..    

The security base for the corpus galleon needs some tweaks,  You go in that base, flip a switch and then have to run all over while dodging zaps to take out anti hack drones.   Not super fun.   The main issue is the drones are spread all over the ship and you have to kill multiple waves of them.   If they were forced to spawn near you it might not be so bad.  

We need RJ exclusion zones where people actually are required to use their archwing to do stuff in space like destroy stuff from the outside or kill stuff.  Like enemies hiding in thick asteroid clouds or behind bubbles or something...


My main pain in Corpus RJ was defense tho.   We are getting Survival so that should help ALOT.   I still wish defense was a better tile..   

But now that Defense is being pushed to the side im playing volatile and noticing some problems...   I fail this mission solo an extremely pathetic amount of times.  I can finish them its just sometimes I cant get into position fast enough or i am focused on the wrong thing     There is alot going on.  Bubbles, status, regular enemies, engineers,  vents, level changes...   

Im thinking instead of this mission being pass or fail, it should always be pass,  its just a matter of how much time it takes.   I think our job as the Tenno should be to raise the temperature in the pipes to create weakpoints on the exteriors.   I think the engineers should come in and if they are successful they release pressure and make it go back down.  A classic tug of war.   Eventually you would win if your trying.   


Just curious what other people think of Volatile.

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I dislike it because of how much S#&$ is going on at the same time. It's just a frustrating experience. It seems you need to destroy the pipes in at a specific time to make the mission time shorter. I forget what it was. One time I spent running around and had to destroy 20 pipes which spawned every few seconds. Another time I won after having destroyed only 4-5 pipes.

My suggestion is to rush the first part and focus on Volatile. It's an annoying mission and you can fail if you don't do it correctly making you lose all loot. Once you complete the node there's no reason to go back.

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Ok so theres multiple ways to lose lol.   

-Dont blow the pipes and the heat will fail you.

-Dont stop the engineers and it starts a 10 second count down (that you will probably not even see with all the crap going on)


This is now my probably my #1 most hated map.   Grineer side just takes time if your solo (until they fix AI Crew actually being able to help there).  Defense is slow as crap but atleast its almost impossible to fail.    Even Orphix is super easy to do 1 round(3 orphix).   Volatile... timers are waaay to fast.  

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