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Void Storms in navigation


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Havent done a ton of Void Storms.  I worked on updating my RJ first after update 30, then I did Tempestarii/Sevagoth and that was it for Void Storms.   But I really like how intense they are and am starting to do them for fun/relic popping..   

Its all pretty much a blur but was there a time when RJ void fissures were on the same screen as normal void fissures in navigation???  That was hella confusing...  

I think that has been fixed..   Now when I goto navigation I only see normal void fissures.   I only see void storm fissures if I toggle RJ mode in navigation.   That is super nice...

However I think there is maybe one more bug left...   

When you view the list of Void Storm Fissures, it looks like there might be duplicate missions in the list.   Ones whose timer never goes down???  I clicked on one of those and I didnt get to choose a relic, it just tossed me into the mission.   

But last night there was like 4 lith missions,  4 meso,  etc.     One corpus side,  one grineer side  per relic rank seems like what you intended?   


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