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My take on the melee and guns adjustments


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I’ve read a lot of strange takes on the rebalancing. From guns doing 300% more damage when you have no melee equipped (the hell?) to doing away with attack speed entirely and replacing it with attack delay mods, that shorten the time between attacks. Sort of like reload on bows... and we all know how popular reload mods are on bows :D


If the devs really do want to bring melee down a notch, here is my suggestion. I’ve posted this in general discussion to see what other people think.


This mod is worth multiple attack speed mods in a single mod. It’s a fun mod, but if we are going to target attack speed, instead of reinventing the wheel, berserker could simply have its attack speed per stack reduced. Even halved from 30 per stack to 15, it would still be a high value mod.

Alternatively, the trigger could be changed. Currently the attack speed stacks up on crit, instead it could stack up when we take or block damage. 

Blood rush.

Possibly the strongest of the melee mods, Condition overload does heaps of work, but there are very few mods that increase your damage like this one. If melee needs to be brought down a notch, this would be the thing to target.

It also wouldn’t need much, a slight reduction in the crit chance per combo would take a lot of melee weapons out of red crit territory, and may just make this mod less ubiquitous. A weapon only needs about 26-28% base crit for blood rush alone to result in red crits.

Im not suggesting these two mods be ruined, like maiming strike, I’m suggesting they be reigned in by even as little as 15-20%.

Currently blood rush is worth several crit mods in one, and berserker multiple attack speed mods.

While we have such extreme outliers to the mod power curve, IMO it would be silly to direct attention anywhere else.


The flip side is increasing the power level of guns, and IMO this won’t be achieved with adding new mods. I get that that’s easier, but if DE actually adds mods that are powerful enough to elevate guns, they’ll have just made new ubiquitous mods that we’ll have to come back and nerf next year.

I propose that DE puts in the leg work and actually makes baseline stat adjustments. But instead of taking on the Herculean task of doing it all at once, I propose a weapon class update system.

Say, every disposition update (3 months) DE works towards rebalancing a specific weapon class.

For example, we could have the “pistol class update,” then the “sniper class update,” doing it this way would spread the work out over a year, and it would prevent any single bad decision from running away with the meta. If things are changed in isolation, with their peers, it should give the devs a more concrete baseline for what they want the game to look like in terms of balance.

I repeat, adding new gun mods isn’t going to work, and if it does, we’ll have new ubiquitous mods that mirror the currently stale melee meta.


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