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Is It Just Me Thinking This About Warframe?


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Warning: Wall of text about my main concern with the game that I still love :p


Hello Teeeeenno Scuuuuum,


first I have to say that I like Warframe...I really do. But something got me a little worried about this game.


This game seems to lack any REAL lategame features and to me who only started this a little more than 2 months ago (I think) I don't see myself playing this in say...half a year.



If you look at this game....you can have seen all the basics in about 2-3 hours of gameplay (tilesets, basic enemies) and after you got your first frame maxed out (which will likely be the Frame you need the longest to max out) and all of your weapons....


What do you do?


Farm resources -> Build new weapons and frames -> Farm resources -> Build new weapons and frames -> farm resources -> Have all good weapons and frames - > Farm resources -> Farm Resources -> Wait for 1 new weapon in an update and instantly level it in a day -> Farm resources.


It seems that this games' ultimate flaw (to me) is that there is no actual lategame. I saw T3 Void Defense and the hardest bosses all in my very first week of playing this game. I hunted most of the important mods within my first 2 weeks.


After this its just a weapon and frame grind.... and don't get me wrong.... I STILL like the game. But how am I supposed to have fun with this game in the future?


Now of course the random fanboy is going to say "Why don't you take a break of a few weeks and come back"...but why....what is it really gonna change. I'm likely to miss out on maybe 1 new frame and 3-5 new weapons and an event.


I don't even hear anything about them working on long term satisfactory content... I think Survival was a tiny step in the right direction with the implementation of scores....but those scores dont net you anything.... the friendly competition is just discarded as fast as it has been added.



Now unless DE already has something planned out to give us long term or at least longer term satisfactory content...I really hope that after the armor/damage rework they get something done asap....


Because scores and leaderboards might be one thing...but no PvE Co-op game will survive with a high playercount without content with a lot of FUN replay value or at least ladder systems with rewards.



That would actually be my wish... Ladder seasons where you hunt for points in specialized missions for certain rewards....kind of like permanent automated events.... things like this.



Anyhow....how does the rest of the community see this?




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It is a problem. The subject has been brought out so much that some people don't even notice it anymore.


As for playing it for more than half a year, I've been here since April. A lot of stuff can change, but DE really need something to keep the older players from twiddling their thumbs. 

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You're quick to complain, but where's the feedback? I read that, and I saw no suggestions. Define what you want, and what you think "lategame" should be.


I did throw in the term "Seasonal Ladders"


This might not ring a bell for you so I explain what this would mean.

In Warframes' case this would mean seasonal (3 month long) ladders in which you do certain mission types for score points to end up at the top of the ladder and compete for the top or just work toward unique ladder rewards.


In a sense this would be close to that 1 week invasion event but just with more of everything and ever changing with every season.


Whenever you log in you could just go and try to fight toward reward X or even try to no-life yourself to the top of the ladder to get a " I was no.1 on the season 3 ladder" Hat for your Vauban that adds +10% to e-peen and -5% to real life.



In the end this just means that there is a permanent event going on that changes it's rewards and conditions every 3 months... the sole reason why games like DII or PoE have so many players (seriously...look at DII..game is freakin' old and you can reach the normal end of the game in 1 hour or less....yet people play it in thousands....because of ladders and their rewards/prestige)

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Story Mode would be really cool...

While I'm never against a GOOD story (I somewhat enjoyed the story of Vindictus for example) it is yet another element they have to continuously work on but will never be able to keep up with players.


So to me that would be a secondary fix instead of a primary...but I would like lore and story progression as well :] (Lore progression via events semi-exists here eh)

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I agree with this fully.


It took me a few weeks of gaming to realize: what is the ultimate goal of Warframe? Why should I farm X materials to get this weapon? To kill mobs with some variety? And then what? Level up mastery ranks to unlock new weapons to use it in farming? Max out mods to see how much faster I can kill mobs? Why should I continue to play Warframe?


Warframe's fun at first -- mysterious space ships you have to raid as sci-fi ninjas, defeat bosses.. but the aftermath kind of alienates some. I'd play with different Warframes when farming a mission to spice it up some and get some variety, and that indeed was fun for a while. But it got boring real fast. Stalker also added some gameplay variety which I enjoyed a lot, but I kicked his &#! too many times now.


I took a 2 month break on Warframe, mainly because there were other games in my posession that I'd want to play. Warframe was more of a chore game that you eventually want to avoid because you pretty much know how it works, you explored pretty much everything. And it was one of those "ugh, I have to farm X materials to craft X in order to craft X." Then I returned to test my new laptop's graphic cards sometime after Phobos was added. Then there was conclaves, which is fun but not enough to stop me from playing other games. The only reason why I did come back was help some friends who got the game, as well as the events.


I invested in Warframe because I believe it has potential, but not at the rate it's going with only weapon/warframe patches. I do have some hopes for the future, but I can't be sure

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You are right. The Dojo was actually the first step though. Survival was the second step.


It is not exactly the release of contents that solves the late-game problem. New features will actually keep the game alive longer than new contents. New features like Trading/Trade Market and amour 2.0. Maybe in the future, Clan wars or Clan TD.


Because like what you said, when a new weapon or frame is released, players won't have a problem getting it immediately (with ranks high enough) and in the same day, max the weapon out. At this rate, even if the whole Warframe storyline is out, players will have no problem finishing it in less than 3 days. 

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@ OP I've more or less been saying the same thing for the... last... eight... months... >.>

I will say that I'm basically super casual at this point and have started a 3 person clan with my brother and fiance just to fool around with a personal clan Dojo...

I kinda keep waiting around to see what they do with the game.

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I like those points. they are all valid points. I believe there has been vague talk a while ago about keeping the older players from suffering burnout. A specific concrete solution to this has not been categorically stated though.


To be fair to DE though, they have maintained there efforts to provide new content to the player-base with things like revamped mission types, new frames, new weapons, new UI, new sentinels, new tilesets, a codex, trading along with much more changes. While some of these are yet to be implemented, I believe these all go along their ideal to firstly fix what is outright, broken in the game, and then move on to bigger stuff. However, this isn't always the case as can be seen with the introduction of the new golem, and the derelict tileset. DE therefore is still trying to compromise and give us new stuff while fixing what needs to be fixed. They aren't getting it all right at once, so I believe patience is needed in this aspect in order for them to get it right. Credit to them for doing these two things at once.


I used to play LoL, and it wasn't much different in terms of long-term gaming. if you weren't competing in the actual league, all you were left with were the 3v3, 5v5, and co-op vs ai. but even then, actual league matches were more or less the same, just harder. harder isn't necessarily better. Before I left LoL they released the ARAM matches; so only now have they rly begun to make progress.


personally, I suffered from warframe burnout but, at the same time, I was playing through the game at a rapid pace due to having large amounts of free time. And then I had stopped playing for a while. I recently started back, and now that I don't have free time anymore, I don't feel burn out at all, even though I picked up right where I had left off. So for me, it's just about pacing myself in time with new content releases.


This is no way an argument to detract from what is being said though. I do agree with what is being said. I just believe that the method DE is using to introduce new content into the game is focused on being more rewarding in the intial stages rather than having a lasting appeal at later stages. I also believe that this is prolly something that they feel necessary as its still open beta. I'm very sure that their long term goal though, is for the game to have a lasting appeal to all players, and in the end, this is what they want to achieve. Steve for sure, is concerned about older players burning out, as he's said it previously that its something they want to prevent.


So it's something that is not necessarily a problem, but it can become one. however what DE is doing right now, tells me that it wont become a problem in the future.

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I always think about that - why am I doing this? why am I collecting resources non-stop? To get better stuff duh.

But that sounds..........kinda boring.

Yet I still do it...but why?

Some how it's still fun.

wait, "it"...? 

What is "it"?


And now I realise it's not about the destination, but the journey.

Sure it may seem boring to "repeatedly" obtain materials and craft stuff and repeat (it would be boring if you just /give item yourself everything), but the fun part is inbetween.

Helping friends out, socialising mid-game, discovering absolutely hilarious glitches,

THAT's what's fun.


Basically what I'm saying is, the developers can only do so much to produce stimulating material - to help you have fun.

Ultimately though, how you get fun out of this game is all on you.

Because you are the most random thing to exist. And random is new. New is interesting. New is FUN.

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This is a really nice post, shows a true fan that actually does care about the game and it's future. As for ideas, I am...not too sure. Unless they want to change the entire game completely and have it be more "open world" to be traveled on a giant map with quest and such. But this game isn't an MMO. This post does have very valid points though; hopefully DE sees this post and think about it for a bit.

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Cap; Dungeon Defenders isn't an MMO and they still find really interesting ways to turn their game on its ear for holiday events by exploring map-building and such... It's not like it would be all that super crazy to implement different tweaks to make the game more interesting in general let alone for events.

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Cap; Dungeon Defenders isn't an MMO and they still find really interesting ways to turn their game on its ear for holiday events by exploring map-building and such... It's not like it would be all that super crazy to implement different tweaks to make the game more interesting in general let alone for events.

Wew, never heard of that game before, but I was just naming something off the top of my head. Moral of the story, this topic should be thought about, and DE should find a way to remove these flaws.

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Wew, never heard of that game before, but I was just naming something off the top of my head. Moral of the story, this topic should be thought about, and DE should find a way to remove these flaws.

It's a bit cartoony... it's quite a bit different than WF but has some similarities... it's kinda like a mix between a TPS and a tower defense game; there's quite a bit of variations in the various holiday event maps (they are working on a sequel).

I do agree that DE needs to find a way to spice up the gameplay, especially adding in late / end game stuff (void maps are really just normal maps with higher level mobs and different drop tables... they really don't add all that much variation).

They *have* been making some steps in the right direction with survival and now that invasion type mission... I'm on the fence with how they described sabo (I think) missions in the future but... we'll see how it plays out.

Till then, once you get a couple hundred hours under your belt the game will get fairly stale for most players (if they even get that far) because, quite frankly, other than relative power the gameplay experience for your 50th hour really is no different than your experience on your 500th. Spam the same handful of mission types that are really all so similar you can't tell the difference if you squint to chase after whatever it is you're farming for.

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