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Can't transmutate defiled Requiem mods


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im trying to Transmutate my old defiled Requiem mods after hunting a few litches. but when i go to the mods menu all the mods with charges show up for transmutation but all the defiled ones disapear. however when I go to my Parazon menu all 7 of my defiled mods appear. so i am highly confused. I've asked around and it looks like it might just be me but i was hoping to find out if I'm not alone in this issue.

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I have the same problem. None of my filters active, and i still can't find any of my 4 defiled requiem mods for transmutation. I even looked for them in "All mods" section, and still found none of them. 


Turns out, that somehow, defiled mods are hidden, if first option of filter (smth like "Show Max") is unchecked. Make sure of that dicieving checkbox to be checked...

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