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Best Farming Nodes???



So... I started a solo dojo project and resources are just things i've had laying about in great abundance for years now. Things are going well. I also just got my helminth and was throwing away resources left and right like they came from a bottomless pit.

The unfathomable has occurred where i have run out of some of the common resources like poly bundles.

In the past i mostly solo funded a 30man clan dojo before starting a solo clan, so i guess my resources were never quite bottomless. (that includes the Hema Research in mutagen samples)

Now that you've read my terrible story i must ask the community as i've recently come back from a 1.5yr break: Which nodes are the best for farming the 'common' and 'uncommon' resources?

My initial plan was to just nekros my way to a decent bank again but im not even sure thats as efficient as it could be.
I recently started the steel path which i read has increased loots (not sure off the top of my head), but havent actually made any starchart progress.

Advice welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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11 hours ago, Butterfly85 said:

Check the Dark Sectors on the planets that drop the resources you're after. They have boosted drop rates , and if it's a survival or defence, you can get a team together using the usual loot frames and go in hard.

i TOTALLY forgot about those dark sectors. Thanks!

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