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Your Most Anticlimatic Moment?


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So I was in a group doing a Lv 64 jackal assassination alert, and by the time the boss got to 3/4 health, it was just me and a mag.

While the 2 dead guys were spectating (IMPROVE SPECTATING PLZ!), the mag and I kept jumping around and dealing miniscule damage to the jackal..........for 15 minutes, until I died (I had no res before teh boss started).


So then it was just the mag and jackal's 60% hp - solo.

We (the dead guys) sat around, talked, went on youtube, etc. while the mag was soloing.

When he finally did it almost 40 minutes later -



But then the mines killed him on the way out.

Hours. Wasted. Just like that.


What's your most trolollol moment?

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When clan mates and I got to wave 50 in xini using nothing but venom (before the change) and bastile. We had to go because if we kept doing that our computers would crash from the shear amount of numbers everywhere. And y'all know what we got? Hell fire. frecking hell fire

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most trollololo moment....it'll have to be when I tried to take on the stalker with trinity in my early warframe days....the dude just swung his Hate once, and cut me in half. I believe though that there was a bug with that where he'd kill you but you wouldn't have actually died, though you'd see the two halves of your corpse on the floor. lol

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When you find a room of 20-40 enemies and you and your gun think you are going to have a good time.

But then a Nova runs in M.Primes and runs off while they all blow up.


Another moment you do survival for X amount of time and get a mod you want and you get to the extraction screen, then your game crashes and you get nothing.

All very fun experiences. 

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I asked a girl out to prom once. She said no. 

I asked a girl out to formal once.

She said no. I asked another out to formal. She said ok.

After the formal, I had feelings for her.

But when it felt like I needed her most, she vanished.

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When I first fought Ambulas.  He was the last boss in the game at that point, and I was expecting something hard due to Phorid being the previous boss.  I was using Rhino, and quickly realized that Iron Skin (current iteration) completely negated him.  He was literally incapable of hurting me.  On top of that, his character model reminded me of a clumsy Ostrich, so watching him slowly flail around was utterly hilarious.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I spent 2 solid minutes laughing before I finally put the poor thing out of it's misery.  


*Sigh*  Those were good times.  I should go fight Ambulas again. 

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