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[Mission Concept] Pursuit (Art Included)


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As we all know, Corpus lost the Mars Attack.

What if they still managed to create some powerful exo-squelettons based on their researches on the warframes ? I mean, a Hybrid between our warframes and their machines ? 

This new mission type would be : 



First, you are doing a classical mission (except def and survival, I guess).


After a while, you receive a call from the Lotus, telling there's a laboratory aboard the ship / in the base.

You make your way to the lab (just like most of our missions), but when you get there, you find heavy (I mean HEAVY) resistance and your target begins running away, escorted by few elite crewmen and a Technician. 

You have to outrun it, and then fight it. It would be like a weak and not-finished stalker (well...our actual Stalker needs some work too .__.) with canon-arms and some jumping/charging abilities, and a corpusy cyborg skin (very important)




As this would only happen sometimes on some missions, some days (randomly and with no advice), we could get some cool rewards for stopping the target (but, hey, it would be hard to stop it).


If you stop it, you get the reward and then go back to your main objective : but the place is self-destructing because they don't want to let you escape with crucial informations/technology - so there's a count down and explosions and fire everywhere.


If you fail, you go back to your main objective just like you wasted your time :D 

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