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Gara Prime: Hotfix 30.3.5

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19 hours ago, master_of_destiny said:



Finally, let's discuss responses.  Steve never admits a bad decision, because to some extent he's the auteur leading the project with a vision.  If he admitted error it'd no longer be his vision...so I guess that things are as they are.  Scott is always joked about as the one delivering nerfs.  This is a tactic to address outrage before it can happen by making it a joke.  Etcetera.  What you usually get is Rebecca and the community management team cleaning things up...and boy do I think they earn their paycheck.  Rebecca is regularly open about community perceived failures...and even seems to be a member of the internal group addressing things like the melee nerf and gun buff proactively.  Instead of commenting on the leak, they announce a delayed developer workshop...going over it and helminth system changes.

While a part of me seriously is asking WTF, the other part of me is willing to listen.  Maybe it'll be good.  Maybe.  That'd tacitly not be admitting to what the community has already deemed a failure of a response, but realistically packaging it with something else to deny it the ability to fester.  Say what you will, but Rebecca and team really do earn their keep given all the crap that seems to constantly be drawing almost universal community ire.

That sums up how DE ride their bicycle. 


This is all in service to a simple point.  Indies with no money need to listen.  Indies with money sell out (anything Zenimax), or become auteurs (Phil Fish). 


Amen, my good sir. I can't say it better. 


DE definitely pretends to be an auteur....but instead of listening they pay people in PR to fix their insanity as needed. 


This has been the quotidian practice since day one. Finally someone verbalized it with dead accurate precision. 



In this way the parties responsible are never held to account.  They never have to say sorry, because they have paid people to do that.  They, to an extent, have sold out.  You can't reasonably say otherwise given the pricing scheme on some of those skins.  If you get to play both sides of the argument, get the benefits of whatever you claim this week, and never truly have to truly reconcile this insanity, then why should you?  If I were in this position I'd make someone else have to take responsibility for my errors.  Oh...I'm that someone professionally.  I made myself sad.


The design of this product never connects people with the responsibility of quality delivery. For example, CDPR sold a lie and called it a day. They got their money despite their aftermath. They went out feeding pockets of hopes for a redemption with a future fix. The epitaph of a second chance will not redeem the game despite the effort. With Warframe, DE has the license to screw up and try again without consequences due to the TOS we signed . Cyberpunk 77 had a lot of critical flaws during the development time but it went out pretending to be Warframe where such debugging where about to be paid by the costumer. No Man Sky happened once. That trend rarely will happen twice in the video game market. 

We need to understand the basics here. DE doesn't have the burden of establishing a policy with their clients. We have the duty and obligation of forming our policies and politics around their products. Doesn't matter how they try to sell or how they try weaseling out their professional responsibilities. They don't owe us anything. It's up to us if we endorse or critique with our actions their performance. 

Those are our only feasible democratic options. 

I do not condemn or endorse DE. That is what DE must care about with their own actions and delivery of the game. If the game doesn't hold up in reference to current standards I simply pick up Insomniac;'s Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart game and carry on my free time with a product that I feel satisfied with. Are they willing to hear our critiques towards them? No. Are they willing to accept debugging information from us for free? Yes. That's the purpose of these forums. 

Clean products like Horizon Zero 1 will have a continuous standing ovation because behind such policy of game creation the priority was quality in the delivery. Warframe operates under different rules where the creation of the product is cheaper during the process. We rather coupe with what DE delivers or we look elsewhere when the product stagnate. 

It's quite simple. It always was. 

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Isolation vault drop table is waaay too big. Vault runs are supposed to reward, not to punish. Arum Spinosa part drop chance is idiotic. I have 8 blueprints already, yet only have one part for it. Why Guardian Necramechs drop Scintillant is instead of one of the vault drops is beyond me, since we can find several Scintillants inside the vault hanging around nearly everytime.

Also can you come up with Damaged Necramech Weapon thingy shorter? It is not visible if it is a requirement for certain weapons. All I see is "Damaged Necramech Wea".

And whoever came up with that "Hold to Exit the Vault" idea by the tentacle at the end of the mission needs to be fired. With recent updates it tends to disappear midway while holding and you have to wait and move around for few seconds for it to re-appear.


Oh oh, also, could you guys implement the voiceovers of the mission descriptions for veteran players running the mission 10000th time?

Like Isolation Vault voiceover which we have to listen at the beginning, again and again. Why not have alternative line said if players played the mission before: "Hey This is Isolation vault, you know what to do." Or when we encounter Guardian or any other boss. By the time the poor voiceover is finished the boss/guardian are killed long ago. So why not just stop voiceover and run the line, like: Oh, that was quick, carry on. That would bring the sense that whoever is explaining things to you during the mission is actually aware of what is happening, instead of repeat the same unskipable story over and over

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On 2021-06-10 at 10:59 PM, DieHardBoneHead said:

Please Give us the Option to Convert Relic's (Like 3x Lesser Relic's for a Random Better 1x Relic / 3x Bronze for 1 random Silver 3x Silver for 1x randon Gold ect.) just a Idea

btw for this idea i do not want anyting in return so you guys can do what you please 

Greetings from DieHardBoneHead

You really think nobody at DE has never thought of such a system? 😀


Should they implement a system like that there is absolutely no reason to compensate you for it.

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