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Steel Essence disappears even when small amounts dropped and not picked up.


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Thanks for taking the time to read this 😊

Main Concern
When I farm steel essence on Cameria (Jupiter), the steel essence disappears sometimes down to 2 steel essence (eg 12->2, or 25->2).


Mods/Arcanes: Steel Charge, Prime Sure Footed, Pilfering Strangledome, Accumulating Whipclaw, Spectrosiphon, Primed Flow, Stretch, Overextended, Primed Continuity, Rolling Guard, Arcane Energize, Arcane Fury
Mods: Clashing Forest, Primed Pressure Point, Gladiator Might, Blood Rush, Primed Fever Strike, Organ Shatter, Spoiled Strike, Shocking Touch, Amphis Visito
FOCUS: Naramon
VENARI: Sense Danger, Synth Deconstruct (unranked), Link Health, Primed Animal Instinct, Tek Enhance, Tek Assault, Synth Fiber, Link Armor.
SMEETA KAVAT: Charm, Primed Animal Instinct, Link Armor, Tek Assault, Tek Enhance, Mischief, Primed Pack Leader, Link Health, Medi-Pet Kit, Fetch (unranked)
MISSION: CAMERIA on Jupiter. Infested Dark Sector Survival. Steel Path.
SETTINGS: Region, Oceania (nearest for me).
COMPUTER: PC, Intel Core i5-6600K 4core @3.5GHz, 24GB RAM, GeForce GTX 970 Windows 10 Home 64bit, DirectX12.0.

~25 acolytes killed in one room (with resource booster as well as one instance of the smeeta kavat affinity buff. On walking near, the minimap showed a large number of steel essence on the ground, I was expecting to pick up ~200 Steel Essence (25*2^3) however I only 8 appeared in my inventory, I killed one further acolyte on the way to extraction without a affinity buff from my kavat, and picked up a further 4.

I died 0 times in this mission. I spent most of my time in ~4 areas (I'm not sure how many tile sets this is, but possibly only on one tile-set. I was active, placing down domes, whipping enemies, getting the acolytes all in one room so I could pick up the steel essence, balancing life support, energy, used an energy pads at times, no primary or secondary weapons equipped.

During the mission I pressed escape ~5 times or so, to go to the bathroom, talk with my family, get some water etc (as I did a 2hr 11min mission).


On May 24 I submitted a request because I picked up an incorrect amount of steel essence.
It was reviewed by [DE]Jameson and he kindly added the rest of the steel essence.
I am using the same build and details from that request.

Today (10/06/2021) I thought I would retry this, as I really wanted more steel essence.
I patiently waited for a double affinity buff from my smeeta kavat, which occured around 66mins, with with around 44 seconds left on the first affinity buff , however around this time the steel essence again disappeared from the floor. I was onto it enough to take screen shots this time during the mission.

SCREEN SHOTS (attached on link https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/2532564)
[1] The first screenshot (131) is off the post game screen showing 36 steel essence.
Four were picked up early in the mission, and (which I picked up early in the mission) and the remaining 32 were from (two steel essence on the ground*(resource booster)*(smeeta affinity ~40 seconds remaining)*(smeeta affinity ~150 seconds remaining).
[2] The second screenshot shows the two steel essence that I picked up (133) from above.
[3] The third screenshot (126) shows how earlier on in the mission, there was a lot more steel essence there. (I'm fairly sure there were supposed to be 12 by the end of the mission, in addition to the one steel essence I picked up at the beginning).

So in total 36 Steel essence was awarded at the end of the mission (1*2^2)+(2*2^4)
When I was expecting that the total Steel Essence awarded at the end of the mission should be (1*2^2)+(12*2^4).

I note that other plays on the forums may? be experiencing similar problems recently:

When there is >2 Steel essence on the floor in this specific room on Jupiter, there is a chance only 2 of the steel essence will remain there, and I am not certain of the mechanism (and it takes a significant amount of time to farm this).

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I think this is a valid hypothesis. And seems consistent with this dev udpate:

There was a loot cap introduced which I understood to be 50? of each kind of drop (credits, ammo, health, energy, resources). And Steel Essence is a resource. 

My experience is that if I leave 1 steel essence on the ground, I can kill enemies for hours, and not pick up their loot. that the mods that drop will evict new mods, but that the steel essence doesn't get evicted by ongoing resource drops. If there is someone that has demonstrated that this no longer works, I am happy to be corrected, but from my current testing if there is only 1 steel essence on the ground, it doesn't matter many other resources drop to the ground, the steel essence will stay. I wonder if steel essence is treated differently from other resources as it is also marked on the minimap. 

In my experience I only had 12 steel essence on the ground, and the new steel essence did not evict old steel essence to maintain a balance of 12 on the ground, it simply deleted them so there were only 2 on the ground. ie it seemed to act independently of resource drops.  

So while it is a good thought, from my testing I don't think it is the most likely explanation. This "bug" seems to be specific to this room on Cameria Jupiter (I realise the post I linked initially was a guy having a similar issue on Sedna, however I'm not exactly sure what his issue was), and I have not encountered it on other tile sets, which also leans away from it being a resource issue. 


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I just had over 40 disappear for me while playing solo and it wasn't on khora or survival. There is definitely something buggy going on because I had the exact same 2 Steel Essence left on the ground after the big pile disappeared. In the spot where I was killing the acolytes, the other loot there such as credits and mods were left, but the steel essence was all gone.

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The 'ammo' loots is the ones usually taking most of the  'loot amount' from the 50 cap, cause when using Khora many players don't use primary and secondary weapon as to make Charm aff/resource buff have more chances to appear.

Wish DE make the 'ammo' separate from resource drop or make it so the 'ammo' have timers like 30sec or something to disappears when its not picked up.

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