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Can't progress past first orphix mission: no necromechs


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Railjack: the thing that made me quit Warframe last year, but I'd heard it had been made a lot better so I'm back. So, I've cleared earth and am halfway round the next planet and I hit an orphix mission. There is zero help in game so I checked out the forums. Apparently if you don't have your own necromech there should be some lying around the map. There aren't. DE want people to play railjack but gate progression this early with a necromech mission? A broken necromech mission? What nonsense is this? I've run the mission 5 times and I'm just running around as operator looking for a necromech, there are none. I hate this mode. Can I just skip Railjack and necromech and just play Warframe? Or at least fix this. Wasting my time.

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