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Clear space around Maroo

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Can we please get a no trading zone implemented around marooo in her bazaar? I'm so sick of trying to start my weekly mission and being forced into trade sessions because people pile around her.

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16 hours ago, (XBOX)Mark T Upgrade said:

I totally agree...nearly every monday when i go to maroo to do the weekly ayatan treasure mission,i run up to maroo click the button to interact and more often than not il end up in a trading session with some random tenno 😂

the behaviour absolutely baffles me. Do they think that somebody is just going to go: "oh you tricked me into trading with you guess I have to buy what you are offering now." instead of just being annoyed and wasting both peoples time? It's been happening for years with no end in sight.

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Gets my vote for a safe-zone around Maroo, can't say I go there much these days, but I remember scammers traders will stand literally right in front of Maroo 🤦‍♂️ You're right, like, what are they hoping to achieve...?

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Maybe add those Orokin Defense Lasers to her area? Press a button to sweep the spot clear.


Though here's a bigger question for you:

Why should we even need to Visit a Relay to start Maroo's Mission?

Just let us launch it straight from Orbiter. Clem Too pls!

its not like seeing the same NPC in person for the hundredth time they're going to say anything new and interesting.

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