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Enter The Death Circle


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EDIT: Due to a very positive response from this post we have upgraded our dojo and are continuing our recruitment drive here in the shadow clans thread.


Hey, my name is Poe and I’m here to recruit for my clan.
I’ve been playing on and off since the start of the open beta, 400+ hrs, rank 11.

Clan info
Death Circle, a UK based ghost clan. Currently hovering around 9k on the leaderboard.

Current members
GodzillaStance (Warlord)
FetusKebab     (General)
Shadesniper     (Officer)

What does the name mean?
Its a phrase coined to describe the technique I witnessed when two friends played UT2003 on my lan,

both were very new to using a kb/mouse as a gaming input.

What am I looking for?
Active players. People with at least a basic level of human empathy and some manners.
Solo, noobs, pros everyone is welcome to join.

What can I offer you?
Clan badge.
Decent sized Dojo; dueling room, obstacle course, all research, drums.
Help with grinding/farming, whatever you need.

Clan goals.
Short term; get some members, climb the leaderboard, have fun.
Long term; shadow clan upgrade, twitch streams.

If you are interested in joining leave a reply, pm me or add me in-game.
Thanks for your time.



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Id love to join. I used to record warframe, but I got bored, and quit. I was hovering around 1k on the kills leaderboard I think. Warframe is currently installing, and ill be online in 30 mins or so. And I must agree. Late night Warframe is somehow better than daytime 'frame.

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We would love to have you. A break can be a good thing, I missed most of update 8 to 9 (I think?). I wish I could sit up later tonight but I need to be out the house by 10:30am tomorrow, I can add you tonight and we can get some games in tomorrow or the weekend if your free.

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OK, I'll update the 1st post with the new members after we get some games and/or you guys are down for sticking with us but so far it looks like this.

Judas-Priest, you're in.

Feldgrep, you need to leave your clan if you still want to join.

Sibley199, waiting on you accepting friend request/clan invite.

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Hey guys I'm interested in joining! I haven't been playing for a while either (maybe since like spring) but I've recently gotten back in and have been playing like a madman. It would be awesome if I could get an invite too. Thanks! :)

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