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Mod that removes "Spool-up" mechanic from guns. Makes fire rate the constant maximum.


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I despise it ... please, even if the drawback is to make self-damage work as it did once xD ... even triggering at random


I'll take it :D


For real tho ... make the drawback an INSANE +Recoil


funniest "stuff" I've NEVER seen, lol



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i'm open to offering such a Mod option to Players, however, i'm not aware off the top of my Head any Weapons which you don't already max out the spool up with like, one of the stronger Fire Rate Mods as it is?
so i fear such a Mod would be redundant and actually nerfing yourself versus a better option already existing.

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Wouldn't scoff at the mod (if exilus) , but you could technically achieve similar results with igh fire rate ,

it wont make the spool go away , but it will reduce it to the point that it is not noticeable.

Anything with starting fire rate of 10+ is ok in my opinion as most spools ups end at about 5 shots,

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I got Primed Shred on my Rivened Supra Vandal and I forget there even is a spool up. 

More powerful weapons should come with drawbacks and the way to remove those drawbacks is to use less common mods.

It's like the Exergis with Ammo Stock. Having that 2nd shot to get past Corpus Shield gating changes everything.

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9 hours ago, Doraz_ said:

I despise it ...

I rather like it, it creates a unique feel to a weapons, but...

- weapon should keep spinning as long as you're aiming, even in you're not firing.

- quick taps on the trigger during spool down should keep the spin rate up.

This would add a little skill/timing component where you could keep the spin rate up.

Fire rate mods already eliminate (or reduce) spool up, so I'm not sure a dedicated mod would ever get used.





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Yeah, I'm not seeing any real reason to do this over you taking one of the other hundred automatic firing weapons without a spool mechanism.

You actually like a weapon, you accept its identity, spool and all. This smells like the same banal, irrational complaints that got our explosive weapons all homogenised into the same unsatisfying baby-mode.

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