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Controller Issues


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I've been playing for awhile on PS4, but recently found a nice clan on PC and started a file (my third lmao).

Anyway, I've been having a lot of issues so far with my controller working that nothing seems to fix - The look/aim sensitivity is about 10x higher than listed (I have it on 5 right now and it's still very jumpy); when "Toggle crouch" is mapped to the crouch button, crouch still acts as though it's on Hold; I can't fire my guns at all even though the game has it listed as mapped to the correct trigger; sometimes the display shows PC controls instead of PS4, despite the game being set to PS4 buttons (this is mostly aesthetic but still strange), and sometimes it will flicker back and forth between them for a second; and frequently (mostly in the orbiter) Sprint will toggle itself off without having pressed the button. Is there any way I can fix it?

For background, I haven't done this before, and I've used several different controllers and the issues persist. I've also turned off a lot of unnecessary graphics so that the game will run smoother, since I'm on a laptop.

Also, pardon if this is in the wrong location, the forums wouldn't let me choose 'PC Bugs' for the topic location for some reason, so General it is.

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