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Thumper now pops out of solid rock


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So the Thumper was updated. It now appears not just from soil ground but also from solid rock. It also scales various structures and irregular rock formations with its clumsy elefant feet and legs. Both behaviours are kinda ridiculous and does not align with the Thumper concept  - that it is a geological survery robot looking for buried sentient artifacts. That also attacks Tenno.

Thumper's AI was also updated, and its detection and tracking range has been increased to a point where you can spend most of your time either fighting or fleeing from Thumpers, if you are roaming the Eidolon. They also seem to be capable of detecting you behind rocks for instance. Not fun.

In general, I think DE's model of just dialing up the number of Thumpers and various aerial vehicles to raise the difficulty level is a bit primitive. The Eidolon is not a very big place, so just saturating the world with adversaries conflicts with the proposition that you can roam the Eidolon in any playable way. I can solo a Thumper but it is not fun doing it all the time.

I propose some form of moderation of these mechanics, and if, in the future, another model for scaling difficulty level could be deviced, that would be great. I am a big fan of the free roaming mode, especially in the Eidolon - having these rather crude mechanics is a bit of a downer.


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