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Shields & Impaling Swords


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I've been working on my fashion-frame for a bit now. Nearly done with my current project, but spotted a bug between the Sword & Shield skins and the Silva & Aegis prime. Normaly the blade/mace/axe would be shrunk down whenever sheathed into the shield. However, in the Silva & Aegis's case, whenever a skin is applied, the sword remains the same size while sheathed, sticking through the shield and part of the warframe's arm, along with any syandana that is being worn as well. Not sure if this is a bug caused by the weapon itself or by the skins, but i wanted to bring it up either way as its odd that it is only happening with the singular weapon of that type.



Adding picture to show what I'm reffering to: 5e58219375e9cca7229cf1965d3af050.png

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