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Random Ability Lock


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To put it simple I searched quite a bit and asked many other players and no one knows or hasnt had it happen, and those who have had it happen dosent know either. 
The bug or implemented feature I cant find anything on is; randomly abilities rather its your  1, 2, 3, or 4 ability will lock up with like a minute cooldown on anymission. 
Similar to the way simaris locks and ability spam in the onslaught except there is  no funny man saying you're spamming it just happens randomly, i cant replicate it, i have no clue how this happens. 
It can happen in any level, mission or event with abilities 
Any frame to my knowledge ( Unfortunately I didnt keep a list of frames sorry)

What i am sure of is that it happens directly and immediately after using an ability on any frame on any mission. ( ive had it on the index and on several other nodes in the star chart)


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