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Railjack Corpus Defense Missions bonus affinity not applying


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Been plagued by this problem in attempting to level up the necramechs, went to do some experiments today

1. The symptom

- Only observed in RJ defense missions: the 125% bonus affinity shows up on the MISSION COMPLETE screen, yet when you visit the arsenal in dojo / landing craft the item (mech in my case) stays on the affinity level before the bonus gets applied

2. Some results from experiments

- (all defense extraction was done with the mech - I was in the mech in the defense reward screen and teleported back to the ship in the mech)

- The dojo arsenal and the landing craft arsenal agree with each other all the time, the problem seems to not be related to extracting from the dojo

- After a defense mission if you fly right back to the dojo, the bonus will not apply

- The same procedure once done with other rj missions (that uses the normal rj extraction mechanism - i.e. you flying back to the rj or recall back), does not cause the problem

- If, after an rj defense mission, rather than proceeding right back to the dry dock, you do an additional "standard" rj mission, the affinity meter in the mission progress screen does not reset, and the bonus affinity from both the defense mission and the one after would apply properly

3. Theory

Not to get ahead of myself but this is looking like the "select extract and teleport back to the rj" is causing a problem in the end mission calculation that causes bonus affinity to not apply.


Screenshots can be provided if they are needed, though I don't think it will provide much more information. 

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