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Broken Enemy Spawns on Necralisk Bounty (Possibly Broken Rewards As Well?)


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I was trying to complete the level 30-40 bounty in Cambion Drift to get Blood Rush a little while ago, and the last stage of the bounty was excavation. I defended the first excavator to completion and got halfway through the second when enemies just... stopped spawning. I ran around for at least 10 mins trying to find enemies, thinking that there were a few left from a prior 'wave' that were preventing others from spawning or something. I found one or two, killed them, and again... nothing. I flew around in my archwing, scoured the area further for a bit, and eventually gave up.

Also, I've been running the level 30-40 bounty a lot over the last few days, trying to get Blood Rush when it was available. Did at LEAST 30 runs and never got it. But I did get the rare reward, Argon Scope, 16 TIMES. So I either have the worst 'good' luck ever, or there's some kind of bug.

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