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Infuriated! >:(


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So, recently, I finally acquired my Vauban Prime, after having had become a fan of that frame ever since I tired out the non-prime version, however, there is a MAJOR issue that keeps occuring, and just leaves me puzzled and with questions regarding DE and their decision making. And that issue being how DE decides where and how to place the attachments and syandanas onto some, if not most, of the frame models and the existing skins.

I even got few examples to show off what I'm trying to imply; aka. the Ion shoulder pad that's not even attached to Wisp's model, at all, leaving a massive gap between the shoulder pad and her shoulder (is it for better aerodynamics??), then the illogical and nonsensical placement of that Ransha piece on Gara's shoulder that looks like it's been glued to the very tip of the model's shoulder, except the glue had worn off on one side and now sticks up mid-air, or the one that really grinds my gears, the meter distance between Vauban's shoulder, and the Mulciber piece, leaving a tether line that shows how it's supposed to be attached to the model, and only leaving the entire thing look like it's a plastic toy. 

I know that this may be ridiculous thing to rant about, but it does ruin the immersion of things in the game and I just can't help but glance at these mistakes DE makes, and whenever I do, it just keeps driving me nuts until I decide to change to another, less-fitting armour set, or decide to have none of the attachments at all. I don't know if it's because of performance issues that DE is doing this, or if there's some other reason, but I belive that it can be fixed so that it does not look as terrible as it currently does.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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