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Garuda's talons don't count as melee weapons for whatever reason


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I can't be the only one that finds not being able to use Garuda's talons by themselves or in missions that require one of every weapon type. It doesn't really make much sense that they would not count melee weapons, due to the fact they share mods. I could except if this was somehow for balancing but I don't see how it would matter and In my opinion Garuda isn't really that great and it would be a pretty minor change.

Idk if there is some reason I am just too dumb to think of but I genuinely don't see one other than thats how the ability is made.

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It probably is just some line of coding that checks what is equipped/needs to be equipped not 'seeing' them since they are a part of the frame and not a separate weapon. Apart from the MR tests I can not think of what else mandates having all 3 weapon slots filled though, but yes being able to change to them mid mission would be cool, but DE could not do that with the Dark-Split Sword so probably a limitation in the games code sadly.🤷‍♀️

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