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About some rooms and respawn points in the dojo


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Is there any reason why it is not possible to set some dojo rooms as respawn room or landing point?
I have invested a lot of resources for decorate four larger rooms (open spaces and space markets), and they are not usable. why? i can't find a reason.

A year ago I published a post about open spaces and this impossibility, and it is still not solved.


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On 2021-06-13 at 7:10 PM, Uhkretor said:

... I heard we were going to get spawn pads, so we can have people spawn on those anywhere instead in a specific room but~... everyone's still waiting...

Last I heard they just said spawn pads would come out sometime this year, and the year's only halfway through.

Dojo designing is a fairly minor feature for most people (and I say this as an exception who plays WF like it's the sims: space genocide edition) so it's really not too surprising that it's on the back burner when the focus is on Sisters of Parvos, weapon balancing, New War, ect.

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