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Deimos Fissures do not clear upon killing Deimos Jugulus; Unable to Complete (Arcana Vault stage: "Eliminate Source of the Mist")


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Hi DE team!

In Deimos: Arcana Vault Bounty mission level 50-60, during the stage "Eliminate the Source of the Mist," you are supposed to bring the emitter to the highlighted zones, kill the Deimos Jugulus (and the other infested units it spawns), and then the fissure will be marked as Cleared.

In the video attached, you can see that once the emitter is put in and the Deimos Jugulus killed, the clear event does not register, and after waiting the 1-minute-30-seconds timer, the Fissure reopens as if you did not clear it...

In the video, I attempt to complete 3 Fissures, in which the following occurs:

  • Fissure #1: No use of operator after picking up emitter. NO BUG.
  • Fissure #2: Used operator after picking up emitter. BUG OCCURS.
  • Fissure #3: No use of operator after picking up emitter. NO BUG.

Summary: When I picked up the emitter with my Warframe and insert the emitter without any use of the Operator, killing the Deimos Jugulus clears the fissure as expected; if I used the Operator at all (e.g. to travel) after picking up the emitter, then killing the units will not clear the fissure and the bug resurfaces
(Note: I have noticed this bug randomly occurs even when not using the Operator... I apologize as I was unfortunately unable to video capture that as proof).

This bug is not limited to only the Level 50-60 bounty. This can occur randomly in any of the Arcana Vault Bounties involving "Eliminate the Source of the Mist."

In the meantime, please feel free to let me know if there's anything else with which I can provide you, and I'll be more than happy to circle back & assist - thank you!

(Video: https://streamable.com/sqlucc)
(Ticket submitted with EE Log: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/2535425)

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Bug still exists in all Iso Vault tiers. Makes it frustrating farming for Necramech mods when it takes 10 minutes to complete one stage of the bounty when you have to wait 1m 30sec for every one that bugs out. DE since you are making Necramechs required for New War you should probably make sure the content to farm and mod them actually work.

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