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Pretty Please can you change the rotation of the Left hand Ripkas chain. ​🥺​


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Can you please fix the chain on the left Ripkas to rotate the other direction. I've made quite a few posts about this and i'm going to keep doing this, within reason. (Every so often to not break the rules)

I want to use these things but the fact it looks like a copy paste job really bothers me. Don't get me wrong i really like the look of them and i like the Amalgam mod for them but it's really hard to use them. I asked once for counter rotation in the blades of the Atterax and you did so which made me happy. Please could you fix the Ripkas as well. Please. 🥺

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30 minutes ago, Omega-ZX said:

Really who cares about rotation on a chainsaw

If "cutting" part rotates away from you, chainsaw will push itself towards you.  There are real big chainsaws out there, and if this happens on a High powered one, it might get painful.


Ripkas in general are just "wrong".   Claw strike animations are too fast for chainsaws....you kinda need to press these against enemies for maximum effect.

And their blades are not aligned with striking animations of many stances.


But yeah, in case of Ripkas, chain rotation direction barely matters.   They are small, and are used by augmented grineer and warframes.  

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