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Khora's Visual Bug


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Just want to report some visual bug here.

1. https://ibb.co/wNmr8zc - CHEST PLATE VISUAL BUG

- Some of the smaller Chest Plate placement when put on Khora is bit weird, they sink on her torso area.


- The shoulder placement is not at the center from the side view, also you can try shoulder plates like Galvanik, Mulciber, etc.. they look like it just put on top of the shoulder so its a bit weird to look at.


Thanks in advance 👋

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All shoulder attachments are too high up and slightly on the left...

Had to remove Riv Elite and Etheria shoulder pieces.


I didn't much notice much about the chestpieces; I'll be honest with you but since everything else is too high up... I'd believe you if you told me it's placed differently. (So far with Edo prime and Avia Prime it's not too shabby anyways, so I kept those)


Leg pieces seem to be too high up as well, but it's been ages since I had some so I could remember that one wrongly. But again: I'll still believe you if it is.

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