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Some mods (Added more mods, and some auguments)


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Mod 1

Type : Shotgun (primary and secondary)

Description : Condens all buckshot into a single slug, bringing the multishot to 1, increasing accuracy by 300% and bullet flight speed by 200%. Any multishot mods will act as bonus damage mods.

Mod 2

Type : Primary and secondary

Description : Weapon reload is reduced to 0.1 seconds, but each time you reload you lose HP equal to the number of bullets in the magazine

Mod 3

Type : Warframe

Description : Convert all shields to hp.

Mod 4

Type : Sniper

Description : Headshots deal 100% more damage and pierce the enemy, but body shots deal 25% less damage.

Mod 5

Type : Aura mod

Description : Luck +1


To make you understand better. Imagine that you are hit by a bullet that has the probability of applying a status to it, but that probability is determined by a 6-sided die. When the bullet hits you, the die is rolled, and if an even number comes up, you will be affected by the status. The die is rolled, and it stops on an even number. At this point, the luck effect draws into play, and will cause the die to be rerolled. If the die now lands on an even number, you will be affected by the status, and if it lands on an odd number, you will not be affected by the status, thus making it more likely that you will not be affected by the status.

For a positive example. Imagine firing a weapon with the probability of inflicting critical damage determined by the same die. When you hit the enemy, if the hit shouldn't be critical, the die will be re-rolled, increasing the chance that it is critical, but if it is already critical, the die will not be re-rolled.

Mod 6

Type : Augument (For wukong's passive)

Description : Passive effects have a reduced duration of 33%, but each stack recharges after 60 seconds.

Mod 7

Type : primary and secondary

Description : Consecutive hits charge a combo counter that increases the damage of the next hit. The counter quickly decays if no enemies are hit within 5 seconds. The decay of the counter is stopped by the recharge.

Mod 8

Type : Primary and secondary (Exilus)

Description : The ammo pool is transformed into a single huge magazine, and the collected ammo is carried directly into the magazine, but the amount of ammo collected decreases by 30%.

Mod 9

Type : Augument (Gloom | sevagoth's 3rd)

Description : Enemies killed while under the effect of this ability have a 40% chance to condense into an orb of energy.

Mod 10

Type : Automatic primary and secondary (Exilus)

Description : For every 0.7 seconds of continuous fire, the rate of fire increases by 25% to a maximum of 500%. It resets when you stop shooting for more than 1.5 seconds.

Mod 11

Type : Augument for charged bows

Description : Once the arrow is charged, you can continue charging, improving the multishot by 1 for each xt of charge (xt is equivalent to the charge time of the bow).

Mod 12

Type : Augument for held weapons

Description : When an enemy is damaged, weapon damage is increased by 5% for each time the enemy is damaged, up to a maximum of 500%. It resets when you finish shooting.

Mod 13

Type : Augument for auto-spool weapons

Description : The rate of fire can increase to infinity if you keep firing.

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1. Interesting concept, but might pose problems with how status effects are working on shotguns.

2. There definitely some weapons that would benefit from it, though I am not entirely sure if I would give up a mod slot for this.

3. Considering how important shield gating has gotten in higher levels, this doesn't resonate with me, sorry.

4. There is a similar mod for I think Vulkar, yeah it would be nice to have, but nothing that would solve the problems that sniper rifles have in this game: being single target.

5. Okay, I really like this one, but I am also fairly aware that introducing a luck stat to the game this might turn rather challenging from a developers POV. Though if DE could do it, then yes, I would support this one.

6. Oof, this is pretty OP, and it would actually make Wukong absolutely immortal, if you play it even a little save. Would be fantastic for arbitrations and high level content. And exactly why DE would never introduce with their current balance mentality. (better have everything in the game hit like a wet noodle than like a truck)

7. That's similar to the Latron augment, and that one is nice, but not entirely game changing unfortunately.

But yeah overall interesting suggestions, keep it coming.

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