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Small request, please bring back the old box Ogris skin

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It's been taken out ages ago, but I really miss it. Used to be one of my most used guns back when I started playing and seeing the box design on wiki brings back a lot of nostalgia. Is it possible to bring it back as a market purchasable option? I believe the helminth charger had a similar option when the new skin was implemented, just to be able to keep it as an old charger.


Please consider this, I know I would really be happy with this coming back, and I'm sure others would be as well!



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There are so many vintage skins... It would be nice to get an option for all of them! I understand getting rid of a skin due to it not being in the aesthetics... but with all of the very varied deluxe skins, I think it wouldn't really be visually clashing at this point.

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