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I want Excalibur Prime Access


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I have clouse to all warframes/weapons in the game and want Excalibur Prime Access.

Its will be good if reached mastery rank 30, unlock Excalibur Prime Access that have same caracteristic that normal Prime Access and in Prime acessories can be True Master Ephemera and True Master Syndana.

Grand Master Founder  receive that Prime acessories as upgrade of their Founders Program, don't need to wait until mastery rank 30 and receive exclusive founder skins for excaluibur, scana, lato and exclusive excalibur founder icon.

With that founders dont lose their exclusivity and other plaiers can reach same rank as founders.

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"Q: Is Excalibur Prime ever coming back?

A: No, he’s not. Excalibur Prime was offered to Warframe’s founders who believed in Warframe early in its development. There would be no Warframe without their support, and Excalibur Prime is how we acknowledge their invaluable contribution. Excalibur Prime was offered once and represents that history, so he will not be released again.

We are delighted that Warframe has grown and that our community is so unique and amazing. Even as we remember that our founders are Warframe’s foundation, Warframe is defined by all Tenno. We will continue to make more great Warframes, Prime Warframes, and content for all of our players!"

From: https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/

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