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How to reclassify the rank of maximized mods..


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Ok, hi it's me here, again:

  •  The mod with maximized rank is data stored on the server, exactly as it is now.
  • If there is a maximized mod on server the client program will have one mod for each rank downgraded; these downgraded mods are not visible in the collection account, they are internal mods in the program and do not make data on the server as they are on the client.
  • Slots will have rank reducer the new modifier and upon entering the match the client program will exchange any maximized mod in thse slot for the downgraded mod.

Summary: the client program understands that there is a maximum rank mod on the server, the client program also understands that the slot has a modifier to downgrade the rank of any embedded mod and with this information the client program will exchange the maximized mod for the downgraded mod before gameplay loading.

thx for readind. ✌️

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