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Customizing is all fun and games until you realize that helminth dissolves your "3 years plus" worth of resource savings.

Subsumed "ABILITY" on a loadout to have the following option (eg. loadout 3 has been costumized)

  • Option to make an ability on loadout 3 to apply to loadout 1 & 2 without the need use additional resources
  • Option to rearrange position from loadout 3 to only loadout 1
  • Option to remove from specific loadout, subsumed at loadout 1, 2 & 3 specifically removed from loadout 3 without the need to override with different ability
    • As it is if you remove, Helminth will remove the ability from all the loadouts unless you are overriding with a different ability

Even with my hours put into the game with the amount of customizing and test I am doing with the helminth it just burns through my resources like gasoline.

I am even crafting multiples of the same frame just to isolate the test as well as to limit my forma usage for the capacity...  Please help.

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Thumbs up since sometimes I want to move my most used Helminth skill on a frame to my first config slot. It is a drag to have to go to Helminth every time and overwrite/remove the skill I wanna move and then replace the skill in config 1 by that skill, followed by reinserting that least used Helminth skill to the old slot of the skill I moved to config 1.

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