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Losing Splinter Storm buff

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Besides Nullifier from Corpus, is there something that makes you lose your buffs for other factions?

For both Grineer and Infested I have a video here of my Gara losing her Splinter Storm buff after breaking the Mass Vitrify with Shattered Lash (hold option) instead of increasing the buff.

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all things that cancel/reduce abilities:

Nullifiers (obviously)

Demolishers (the red pulsess are basically a nully "explosion" every 2-3 seconds.

Assassin/miniboss units such as Stalker and Acolytes

Ancient Disruptors: a lot of people forget about them, they don't cancel your ability outright but their aura seems to half the amount of damage abilities do, and makes the duration they are affected really low as well. you'll notice Disruptors take less damage from dps powers like Peacemaker and walk through bastille after only being held for like a second. their Aura is that blue lightning effect you see on infested surrounding them.

not sure what Grineer units could be immune to powers, except maybe Prosecutors? 

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It is a known bug, doesn't seem to happen with regular Gara but with Gara Prime her 4 won't refresh Splinter Storm. It's not consistent. I've had it happen to me for an entire run (no refresh, lose your stacking) and been 100% fine through other runs.

It's not lag, mob abilities or you, it IS a bug.

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